300-Hour Teacher Training

500-Hour Teacher Training




Set yourself apart as a yoga teacher with continuing education and advanced certification. Each level of training empowers you with new teaching techniques as you dive deeper into asana, methodology, philosophy and medication. Our advanced curriculum builds upon the 200-hour training with 30 and 60-hour modules that allow you to train cumulatively towards a 500-hour certification, or for your own growth as a teacher. Offerings include Intermediate and Advanced Asana, Ayurveda, Yoga for Healing, Adjustments, and Meditation Teacher Training Levels 1 and 2. 

320-Hour Intermediate Certification

Levels 2 and 3 make up 320-Hour Intermediate Certification. These courses are required for yoga teachers desiring to complete 500-hour certification with Shambhava Yoga. These courses are also prerequisites for Advanced Asana. 

Note: Either Level 2 or 3 may be taken first. 





“I would recommend this course without hesitation. It is all encompassing. The spiritual element, the instruction of asana, anatomy and philosophy, the energy of the community all contribute to making this a truly complete experience.”


500-Hour Electives

Beyond intermediate trainings are elective courses that allow you to customize your remaining 180 hours of 500-hour certification, or pass beyond the 500-hour level! Many of these courses may be taken at any point after your 200-hour training.

• Yoga For Healing (60 Hours)
• Adjustments and Teaching Skills (60 Hours)
• Vinyasa Flow Training (30 Hours)
• Ayurveda & Yogic Lifestyle Training (60 Hours)
• Ayurveda Marma Weekend (30 Hours)
• Advanced Asana (60 Hours)
• Meditation Teacher Training Level 1 (30 Hours)
• Meditation Teacher Training Level 2 (30 Hours)


Required Courses for 500-Hour Certification

Course Name | Course Hours
Level 1 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training | 200 hours
Level 2 Intermediate Training | 60 hours
Level 3 Intermediate Training | 60 hours
500-Hour Elective Courses (your choice) | 60 hours + 60 hours + 60 hours (or 30 + 30 hours)

Total Training | 500 hours

Additional: Teach and document a minimum of 100 hours of teaching experience addition to your 500 training hours. Submit these hours before you complete your 500 training hours. 

Graduates of the 2014 Ayurvedic Lifestyle Teacher Training.

Graduates of the 2014 Ayurvedic Lifestyle Teacher Training.