Marma Therapy

Marma Point Therapy


What are Marma Points? 

Marma points are vital zones of life force in the human body. They are found at the key junctions of muscles, veins, arteries, tendons and bones throughout the body. They can be activated, stimulated and accelerated to enhance the various essential physiological and emotional functions of the body. 

There are 117 marma points throughout the body. Each point has it own intelligence and consciousness, which coordinate with the mind and body. This ancient form of treatment dating back to 1500-1200BC involves using the fingers to stimulate the marma points thereby promoting physical and mental rehabilitation. As with Acupuncture, these points correspond to internal organs and systems of the body which react to manual stimulation. They are massaged with the thumb moving in a circular motion. This stimulates the free flow of energy in the body. 


Where does this treatment come from?

Marma point massage is a kind of Indian Reflexology. It comes from the tradition of Ayurvedic medicine.

It focuses on strategic points of the body that act as energy centers. The marmani are like “gateways” to the inner pharmacy. 


What can I expect from marma point therapy? 

The practitioner uses her hands in an effective, but gentle and non-invasive manner. 

Through centuries of practice it has been observed that the following symptoms are alleviated through marma massage: nervousness, anxiety, insomnia, pain, stress, and many others. Stimulating or massaging the marma points gives benefits to the area of their locations and improves the function of the connecting organs.


How long does a session usually last?

The marma massage itself is approximately 60-90 minutes. Marma massages should be performed by experienced practitioners and can be used as part of  rejuvenation  or it could be used as preventative measure from unwanted conditions. Either way, marma massage is a very useful way to improve or maintain an individual’s health balance.


How can I maximize the effects of my treatment? 

By going home, taking a warm shower, drinking water, and resting for a while after the treatment.


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