200-Hour Teacher Training

200-Hour Teacher Training

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Deadline for applying is August 17, 2018



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The journey begins with the 200-hour Level 1 yoga teacher training. The first half of the training builds the foundation. The curriculum includes the basics of safe and effective asana practice, anatomy, teaching methodology, and an in-depth study of 45 fundamental asanas. The second half of the training digs deeper and includes training in hands-on assists, verbal cueing, and more. Meditation, ethics, philosophy, and teaching styles are topics explored throughout the training. Through meditation, you lean to reach deeper inside and teach from a place of clarity and depth. When the training ends, you will have the tools you need to bring the practice into your life, and to help others do the same.

This foundations course is the basis for the 500-hour training and a prerequisite for Level 2 320-hour training. 

“The course material, the challenges the well-balanced structure and the personal growth that came from this course not only create a great yoga teacher but are life changing as well.” 

200-Hour Training Curriculum Based on The Yoga Alliance Requirements: 

  • Essential teaching methods including effective cuing, pose/counterpose and vinyasa principles, how to compose a class, and introduction to adjustments
  • Emphasis on practice teaching from day one
  • Conscious asana & pranayama with healthy biomechanics and modifications for every body
  • Daily morning personal practice and evening chanting and meditation. 
  • Yoga philosophy with study & discussion of the Yoga Sutras, yogic lifestyle, and ethics of teaching yoga
  • Practical anatomy to help you teach safely and knowledgeably. 
  • Basic Sanskrit for yoga teachers
  • Final project - Creative Class Outline. Complete the training with yoga class plans in hand to begin teaching!

“I would recommend this course without hesitation. It is all encompassing. The spiritual element, the instruction of asana, anatomy and philosophy, the energy of the community all contribute to making this a truly complete experience."

Fee for 200-Hour Teacher Training: $3000 (includes cost of materials)

We require a $1000 non-refundable down payment to hold your place in the class, with the balance due on the first class. Payment plans are also available, and credit cards are accepted. You will receive online instructions about how to prepare at the time of down payment. 

Classes will meet every other Saturday 9--5, and Tuesdays 10--11:30, with options.  Details will be discussed with you at the time of your interview.  Call today for your interview, as we will be limiting the class to 10 so we can provide extensive personal attention to all applicants.






1.  We teach alignment based Yoga, emphasizing the relationship to the flow of energy.

2.  We provide personal mentoring in, during, and beyond the training.

3.  We emphasize spiritual growth and meditation as an integral part of a complete Yoga practice.

4.  We offer Saturday and evening training for people with jobs, and also we offer payment plans for your convenience.

I completed the Shambhava Yoga 200 hour Teacher Training with Susan LeVine and Amber Davey. I underestimated how increadibly impactful this teacher training would be from the start. Every class was filled with important information and wisdom from my teachers in regard to multiple yogic and meditation practices, safety, alignment, communication (both verbal and physical), and stability.

 As students, we received a well-rounded education of all of the practices of yoga. It was not limited to physical asana and pranyama practices, as I had found in others when searching for a teacher training elsewhere. We were encouraged and gently guided to create our own dedicated practice and improve our own well-being throughout the 7-month training so that we may better serve those that we will teach after completion. The longer period of time for the training allowed for the absorption and integration of all that we were learning. 

Practices in creativity and true understanding of they physical, mental, and energetic effects of the poses and practices provided us students with opportunities to deeply understand what it is that we will be teaching. We were guided through practices in how to start our business in yoga and maintain it's integrity and purpose. In addition, we have been provided abundant opportunities to continue learning from Susan, Amber, and other teachers from the sangha.

 Overall, as a student, I was taught so much more than how to memorize and teach a generic yoga class. I was taught how to teach using both my mind and my heart, as well as to provide my students with a class that caters to their wants, needs, and goals. I was taught how to be creative, to move with the flow of the students in the class, and how to know which pose or practice is right for each person based upon their given circumstances. This has been, by far, the best learning experience of my life. I have so much graditude for my teachers, and would take this teacher training again if I had the chance. 

--Daphne Boydston, RYT 200



Cancellation Policy

Total price of the training will be $3000, and includes the cost of materials.  We require $1000 non refundable down payment to hold your place in the class, with the balance due on the first class. Payment plans are also available, and credit cards are accepted.  You will receive your materials at the time of down payment.  Please contact the studio to schedule an admissions interview.



Training Cancellation Policy

▪Refunds will be processed within 60 days of written notice of cancellation or withdrawal.

▪Cancellations or withdrawals prior to any materials being received, or classes attended will incur a $300 cancellation fee.

▪Cancellations or withdrawals after first day onsite will incur charges/fees pro-rated at $95 per day of tuition for classes attended, plus $300 cancellation fee.

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