Girl Power Yoga

Girl Power Yoga (Ages 12--18)

girl power yoga

girl power yoga

girl power yoga

girl power yoga

In Girl Power Yoga girls can explore all that it means to be a girl: to laugh and cry with friends, to enjoy the freedom of being herself, to uncover her true potential. Yoga allows girls to enjoy being girls, together.

Girl Power Yoga provides an opportunity for teen girls to discuss what matters most to them. Through the practice of yoga poses, relaxation and meditation, girls develop physical strength and stamina, greater emotional stability and a strong sense of self.

Yoga is a practice of introspection and self discovery that leads to positive body image, self love and a can-do attitude. It allows girls to develop a better understanding of what it means to be a young woman, to be self-sure and confident of her power to positively affect the world.

Each session focuses on a theme, such as peace, compassion, respect and healthy living. Girls are encouraged to share their ideas and ideals, and support each other as they learn and grow.  In this way girls enjoy a sense of accomplishment and progression as they explore ideas related to a positive, healthy lifestyle.

All of our sessions are appropriate for children who are new to Yoga, as well as for those who are continuing their instruction.


Mondays | 4:45--5:45

Classes begin September 11, 2017

Cost: $150/ 10 classes

For more information or to register via phone: Call Susan at 316-644-3944

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