Shambhava Yoga Ashrams

Shambhava Yoga™ Ashrams

An ashram is a place devoted to spiritual practice; a place where you can go to learn authentic yoga and meditation practices in a safe and inspiring setting. It’s a relatively new concept for America, but an ancient tradition in many other parts of the world.

At the heart of Shambhava Yoga™ are three ashrams founded by Sri Shambhavananda: Shoshoni, Eldorado, and Konalani. There are also smaller affiliate ashrams in Denver and Chicago, each with its own unique vibration. Resident yogis live, work, and play at each of these ashrams year-round, keeping the grounds beautiful and the practices strong. One of the most unique and cherished aspects of an ashram community is the opportunity to learn and discuss sacred yoga practices alongside experienced practitioners who share your wish to grow. Offering daily classes in meditation and asana, Shambhava Yoga™ Ashrams are open to the public year-round. Stop by and visit one today!

Shambhava Yoga ashrams, Shoshoni, Eldorado, and Konalani are part of SGRY, a 501(c)(3) charitable organization and Colorado non-profit corporation. 


Shambhava Yoga™ Shoshoni

Shambhava Yoga™ Shoshoni is an inviting and lively ashram and spiritual retreat center located at 8,880 feet in the mountains above Boulder, Colorado. It provides sacred space for individuals to practice meditation and yoga as well as rejuvenate with health therapies, nourishing vegetarian food, and a friendly and inspiring community. 

Shoshoni’s beautiful grounds are home to solar greenhouses, organic gardens, sustainably-heated cabins, three temples filled with sacred art, and miles of hiking trails - all set against the beautiful backdrop of the Rocky Mountains. The creative staff at Shoshoni still carries the light and youthful feeling of the children’s summer camp that was on-site nearly one hundred years ago. 

Join us for joyful chanting and profound meditation in our beautiful temples. Nourish your body with Ayurvedic treatments, daily asana classes and delicious meals. Immerse yourself in the yogic lifestyle, whether for one of our daily classes or a longer stay. Whatever your needs, we invite you to enjoy the peace and quiet of this rustic retreat. 

Shoshoni Yoga Retreat is open year-round for retreats, trainings, and classes in yoga, mediation, chanting and Ayurveda.


Shambhava Yoga™ Eldorado

Set against the backdrop of majestic canyon walls just south of Boulder, Colorado, Shambhava Yoga™ Eldorado has been the home of Shambhava Yoga™ for thirty years. The vibrant and enthusiastic yogis who live and work here welcome you to explore the diverse offerings and profound abundance of the yogic tradition. Drop-in classes, teacher trainings, yoga, art and meditation workshops, ecstatic kirtan, enriching family programs, and youth camps fill the calendar, as well as hearts, year-round. 

Eldorado is committed to sustainability, not only on the inside through the yogic lifestyle, but on the outside as well. Our aquaponic organic greenhouse provides plenty of fresh viggies, the adorable alpacas generously donate their fur for warm winter wear, solar panels provide the radiant heat in the geodesic meditation domes, and our own bio-diesel fuels the tractors. Our commitment to being off the grid is more than just an idea, it’s something we are learning and growing into as a community. 

Eldorado is open year-round and is a bubbling pool of creative energy; a spiritual oasis for everyone to enjoy. We invite you to our next open house, to meander through the beautiful meditation gardens featuring local flowers, xeriscaping, and sacred art, and take a moment to inquire about the ashram, its practices, and how you can participate. Connect with Eldorado Mountain Yoga Ashram and discover the yogic life right in your backyard.


Shambhava Yoga™ Konalani

Aloha! Overlooking the Pacific Ocean on the sunny side of the Big Island of Hawaii, Shambhava Yoga™ Konalani attracts students from around the world for teacher training and yoga retreats. The experience of Konalani is the perfect balance of nourishing aloha and heart-awakening spirituality. The ashram itself sites nestled between a luch mango orchard, sacred rudraksha forest, and panoramic view of the Pacific. Classes and meals take place outside, overlooking the ocean, as the sounds of birds and crashing waves echo through the air. Konalani is a magical place!

Konalani Yoga Ashram is open year-round for retreats, trainings, and classes in yoga, meditation, chanting and Ayurveda.

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