Shambhava Yoga Centers

Shambhava Yoga™ Affiliate Centers

Shambhava Yoga affiliate centers are the extended family of Shambhava Yoga. The gifted and dedicated individuals who run each of the centers teach Shambhava Yoga practices and use these practices in their own lives to grow and improve. Each center has been given the blessing of Sri Shambhavanda to share these teaching under his guidance. Hatha yoga, meditation, chanting, workshops and more are happening right now at a center near you.


Austin Big Heart Yoga

Austin, Texas

Austin Big Heart Yoga is a community of yoga practitioners dedicated to helping each other understand and experience their true nature through the practices of yoga. Our tools include hatha yoga, mediation, chanting, spiritual discussions, service to others, and community. Our hatha yoga and mediation classes are reflective of the Shambhava Yoga tradition. 


Chi-Town Shakti

Chicago, Illinois

Chi-Town Shakti is committed to bringing the peace and serenity of Shambhava Yoga right into the heart of the windy city. We endeavor to share with our students all the possibilities that living a yogic life can bring to their urban experience.


The Denver Ashram

Denver, Colorado

Meditation, Kritan, Aryuveda, Yoga Lifestyle. Join Swami Vajrapriyananda and friends for an exploration of the mind and meditation. Learn how to use experiences of day-to-day life for your spiritual growth.


Om Ananda Yoga

Fort Collins, Colorado

Om Ananda Yoga LLC is committed to serving the yoga community of Ft. Collins, Colorado and the surrounding areas. Please explore our offerings of yoga teacher trainings and yoga and meditation classes. Dive deep into the ocean of Ananda (bliss) within!


Pacific Meditation Center

Mountain View, California

Pacific Meditation Center is a non-profit organization that offers yoga and meditation instruction for children and adults. We are launching a new program for children to teach yoga and meditation. Check it out!


Whole Yoga 

Denver, Colorado

Serving the Denver Yoga Community since 2000, Whole Yoga offers Shambhava Yoga and all the instructors are Shambhava-trained, not to mention friendly and resourceful! Denver yoga students love coming to Whole Yoga because it’s a welcoming studio environment. Students experience great yoga classes every day at a great price.

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