• Yoga for You is a community-centered - neighborhood studio. At Yoga for You you’ll get to know everyone. Unlike other studios, you won’t feel like you’re in a competition to see who can get the deepest into a pose. There are no mirrors, which our students love. You don’t have to have the latest “yoga fashion” either!
  • At Yoga for You we support and encourage one another as we practice. Not just that, we’re one of Wichita’s longest running yoga studios, with deep roots in our yoga community. Yoga for You is grateful for the many years of support from the Wichita Yoga Community.
  • Girl Power Yoga at Yoga for You!
  • At Yoga for You we're focused on meditation. We believe that only when we can stop and center and quiet the mind can we receive the full benefits of yoga. All of our yoga classes dedicate a portion of the practice to meditation.
  • At Yoga for You we strive for value. We believe that everyone should have access to yoga and meditation. Our yoga studio was built on this principle, which is why we offer classes at a lower price than most other yoga studios in Wichita. We don’t want costs to keep you from finding the inner peace that can come through continual practice.

"Experience more joy and compassion in your life through the diverse
and powerful practices of the Shambhava yoga community."











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"My previous experience with yoga can be described as fitness center yoga.  Here are a few of the differences I’ve seen between fitness center yoga and Shambhava Yoga.

Breathing  In addition to learning to breathe properly during asana practice,  I have learned breathing techniques that are useful throughout the day.  I use these techniques in stressful situations, to help me sleep, and to focus my energy when things feel out of balance. 

Managing energy  I am more sensitive to the energy that we take in and that we generate. I know that I can effect how I feel physically and emotionally by practicing Shambhava Yoga.  I no longer feel at the mercy of life events. I can use my practice to get through difficult times and to more fully appreciate good times. 

Becoming more conscious Practicing Shambhava Yoga has made me more aware that life is a precious gift.  I am more sensitive to the needs of my loved ones and kinder to myself, too.  The practice has brought more joy and compassion into my life.

Time  In that Shambhava classes we take the time to fully experience the benefit of each pose.  Instead of rushing through a series of poses we take the time to allow the neurological system to assimilate the benefits obtained from practice.  We also take the time to experience the deep relaxation and renewal that results from shavasana."

Cindy Jones


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